Rob Clough’s Info

Rob Clough

  • Critic
  • Scholar

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My location:

Durham, NC

How to contact me:
My publications
  • The Comics Journal
  • Studygroup Magazine
  • Cicada
  • Far-Fetched (chapter)
  • Graphic Details (chapter)
  • Publisher's Weekly
I work with:
  • Kids (12 and under)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and up)
  • Organizing / behind the scenes
About my presentations:

I'm a critic who has organized the programming for shows like Autoptic, Small Press Expo (SPX), DICE (Durham Indy Comics Expo) and Zine Machine. I've also moderated panels at CXC (Cartoon Crossroads Columbus) and CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), as well as at Durham Comics Fest. I was the moderator and a participant in Industry Day at the Center for Cartoon Studies. I'm happy to do a one-on-one or multiple panels, as well as introduce media. I've also been a juror for the Eisner Awards, the Maisie Kukoc Award and the Locher Award, and I'm available to do the same for other awards.

I'm also an editor who has given multiple portfolio reviews as well as edit scripts. I also used to edit the comics section for Other magazine.

More info:

I specialize in reviewing mini-comics, art comics, YA comics, kids' comics, underground comics, etc. Pretty much everything except superheroes.