The Triangle Comics Creator Network

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A community of comics writers and artists

Tons of comics writers and artists make their homes in Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Hillsborough, Cary and nearby, but too many of us think we’re alone. The Triangle Comics Creator Network was founded by Durham Comics Fest organizer Patrick Holt to give this community the necessary infrastructure to come together, get to know each other, and share in each other’s struggles and successes regardless of a creator’s age, genre preference, skill level, or background.

In March of 2021, Patrick parted ways with Durham County Library to join the team at a local nonprofit.  As of this writing, the future of TCCN is unknown, but the future of the local comics community is not: it will continue to flourish as ever before because of all the wonderful people who are a part of it.

If TCCN is able to continue as a library program, it’ll be posted here. Thank you, creators, for making it the best local arts community possible!

TCCN in the News!

The Triangle Comics Creator Network was created by Durham County Library as a satellite of the Durham Comics Fest and in partnership with Chapel Hill Public Library. We receive additional support from the Friends of the Durham Library, the Durham Library Foundation, and Atomic Empire.