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Fiona Dunn

  • Writer
  • Artist

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My location:

Raleigh, North Carolina

How to contact me:
My online presence:
My publications
  • Martin Luther King Jr: A Graphic History of America‚Äôs Great Civil Rights Leader
I work with:
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and up)
About my presentations:

I've done several appearances for local high school science classes to give them an artist's perspective on the skeleton and guide them through an exercise of drawing life size skeletons using their own body proportions for reference.

More info:

My work focuses on merging well-researched historical detail with fantasy worlds in order to make the fantastical seem tangible, and the mundane seem wondrous. I have interest in both fantasy/sci fi and scientific works where I can let my experience with scientific illustration shine.