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Jacques Nyemb

  • Writer
  • Publisher

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My location:

Raleigh, NC

How to contact me:
My publications
I work with:
  • Kids (12 and under)
  • Teens (13-17)
  • Adults (18 and up)
  • Organizing / behind the scenes
About my presentations:

I love demystifying how comic books are created. I also enjoy empowering others to economically create books themselves without needing a publisher.

As a writer, I share my process to create stories and how I market my work using social media.

More info:

Working with an array of talented artists, Nyemb’s goal with “Not So Super Publishing” is to provide something that everyone can enjoy—books that adults and children can read together (or individually), without feeling insulted or offended. He wants to open up the comic world to everyone—super fans and newbies alike.

“Not So Super Publishing's’ mission is simple—we want to get all kinds of folks into comics,” Nyemb said. “We want to stop it from being this inaccessible niche market, but rather turn it into an important part of literacy. We want to create stories people would want to talk about around the water cooler without needing 30 years of continuity to feel included. We want to represent all people in some way in this medium that has so much potential.”